Hooray for Townhouse Living – 5 Reasons to Consider

People dancing in townhouse

In the case of townhouse living there are many perks.  Here are some reasons that make them very appealing.

Low maintenance

Townhouses provide the perfect home without all the maintenance responsibilities of a stand-alone house. Townhouses usually have smaller and more compact gardens this mean less time spent on upkeep of the property.

Conveniently located

Location is key when looking for the perfect home. Not to mention townhouses are not only available in the inner city but also further afield in the suburbs. Usually situated in vibrant locations, within easy access to transport, schools, and parks and a short walk or drive to essential retailers.

Community connection

Additionally, living in a townhouse provides a sense of security with having neighbours close by. It allows residents to get to know their neighbours and form a community bond.  With residents living within a short distance, a neighbourly wave or greeting will be a common occurrence of daily life.

Functional design

Another key point is townhouses are built side by side so there is no one living above. For one thing they are well designed and offer all the modern conveniences and functionality of a stand-alone house. From single to two storey townhouses there is a design option to suit all purchaser lifestyles.

Affordable living

Townhouses provide value for money and therefore can be more affordable in the same neighbourhood as a single-family home.  With a property management company to look after exterior upkeep, waste management and external infrastructure, it means the aesthetics and neighbourhood street appeal will always be attractive and well kept.

Above all townhouse living offers a plethora of benefits that suit anyone, from couples and families to empty nesters.  All things considered it’s a perfect option for those wanting to live in more densely populated suburban areas where land is a at a higher premium.

Mosaic Precinct 2 is now selling Townhouses from $579,900. Perfectly positioned in the thriving suburb of Lalor with three-and four-bedroom two storey homes available.

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